At CIS we are blessed to be immersed in an environment of  many languages and cultures. 35 at the most recent count! Pupils, parents and staff all contribute to the international buzz of the school. Learning and teaching languages is an intrinsic part of what we do here. Pupils are encouraged to study as many languages as they are able to, some as a Foreign Language, others as a Mother Tongue language, some as an extracurricular activity and some as part of our Elective programme.

Pupils and teachers alike are exposed to other languages and cultures too when participating in our yearly Language Day, in our International Festival and during other timetabled and spontaneous activities and visits. During  recent Language Days we have all  enjoyed learning how to dance “Bollywood-style”, how to speak Arabic,  how to decorate German-style Easter eggs and  we have tasted the delights of a Ready Steady Cook-style Spanish cookery demonstration. The students have also  very much enjoyed sampling the language and culinary delights of Japan and South America.

At CIS we are not constrained by the requirements of the National Curriculum and therefore we have time to have fun with languages. Of course we want our students to achieve examination success at a high level and indeed they do (100% success in French IGCSE at A/A* and 100% A- C pass rate in all languages in 2014) but we also want the students to discover the language through its culture and exposure to a wide range of activities.

We’re pretty competitive here too and 2013/2014 was a successful year for the Languages department. In the International Online Vocabulary Challenge we continue to achieve amazing success. This year we were placed First in the world for all Languages combined and First in the world for Spanish, Latin, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic and Hebrew. Our Second place in Russian was also a fantastic achievement for our students.  One of our students achieved First place last year in the Cambridge Classical Association Latin Verse Reading Competition. We have also won Second place in the Cambridge Junior Latin Play Competition and secured an individual Second place in the National Latin Reading competition.  We have participated in the Love Languages Competition  held annually at Freemen’s School in London for the last three years, gaining First and Second place. We are very proud of all our students and their achievements, however big or small.

We would love to welcome you here to see for yourself what we do.  For updated news and homework, please visit the Languages website: cislanguages.com


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