Dragons Den

Last Friday, Year 10 presented their enterprise projects to our three ‘dragons’ as part of their PSHEE unit on finances and budgeting.

For the past month or so, the class has been split into 4 groups and they have been working very hard on coming up with an idea for a product to sell on a Christmas market stall, and putting together their business plans to present to the ‘dragons’ to see whether they would invest. This involved sourcing the products or items needed for them, putting together a financial plan, as well as working out how they would promote their product and doing market research on who their target market might be and how much they could reasonably sell the product for. They had to work together as a team to get the task done efficiently and effectively, and many overcame challenges on the way.

All groups worked extremely hard and we had a great variety of ideas, including selling international Christmas foods, and decorations, such as a make-your-own Christmas star and baubles containing sweets and chocolates. The winners were Sofia, Oscar, Ari and Kazu with their Christmas Bath Bomb idea – well done to them!
Many thanks to our ‘dragons’ – Mr Dixon, Lucy Mazur and Mrs Pearce Slade.
We look forward to seeing more entrepreneurship from our Year 10s – watch this space! Mrs Hall 
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