Straight from the Heart

Last Assembly for Year 11

This Wednesday, Years 7 to 10 gave parting good wishes to the soon-to-leave Year 11s. The Bosonians together, thought of three unique adjectives to describe each of the Year 11 students.  For example, ‘Positive, Responsible and Role Model’, ‘Gifted, Loyal and Focused’ and ‘Brotherly, Humorous and Outgoing’.  The year 10 Everest class made a large card, and wrote individual memories of times shared with Year 11s.  The assembly finished with Year 11s saying goodbye in their own unique way, sharing a memory, letting us know their plans for next year, and giving advice to the other students who are yet to make the journey to the top of the school. The advice they dished out the the younger students was mixed, mostly encouraging students to find the right balance between work and play. From ‘Start working hard sooner’ to ‘don’t get stressed’ and ‘enjoy each moment’, it was wonderful to hear their thoughts and see how each of them have matured and developed over the years.

Reflections on the assembly from the year 11’s themselves included ‘It was very touching to hear all the memories and words that the other students had to say about us – luckily they were positive!’. ‘I thought that it was very nice to just sit and share the memories made at school and to hear what other people thought of us’. ‘I found it touching what they had to say about our time together.’ ‘It was lovely to hear what everyone thought of us, after all these years’. ‘I thought Year 8 and 9 had made a lovely effort to say goodbye to us’.

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