Cultural Exchange

Annual visit from our Japanese friends

On Tuesday afternoon, we welcomed 31 visiting pupils from Kaetsu Ariake High School in Japan.  They visited CIS as part of a two-week trip to Cambridge.  The Kaetsu pupils arrived in the afternoon and spent a couple of hours with the CIS Year 9 and 10 pupils.  They had prepared a number of different activities which all pupils participated in.  The CIS pupils were all greeted by the Kaetsu pupils giving them a name card which had each pupil’s name in Japanese and the meanings of the symbols.  It was a lovely welcome and very personal for each pupil.  We then listened to the performance of the school graduation song, which was sang beautifully and holds great meaning to the Japanese school.  Following this lovely welcome, the pupils were split into two groups and the Kaetsu school led two fun activities.  One activity was the Fukuwarai game, a take on ‘pin the tail on the Donkey’ involving the pupils being blindfolded and trying to place the facial features on a blank face.  This resulted in lots of funny creations and accompanied by lots of laughter.  The second activity was the Kendama game.  The CIS pupils found this a real challenge and were amazed by the skill of the Kaetsu pupils.  The group as a whole then made the most of the fabulous sunshine, heading out on the field to play some rounders games.  It was great to see the mixed teams working together and enjoying the time.  The final activity was to congregate in the hall and share a traditional cream tea; scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream.  The Kaetsu school brought some green teas to accompany the food and the pupils all shared the meal together.  It was great to see new friendships formed in such a short space of time, and links made between the pupils.

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