Cultural Visit

This week, we welcomed a group of children from the Affiliated School of Luo Fu Shan Sinology Academy near Huizhou, Guang Dong, in China.  Year 7 have written about the visit:

‘On Monday 5th February, a group of Chinese children came with their teachers to visit our school. We had a special Chinese lunch together and spent some time making friends.  After lunch, they showed us how they do Chinese calligraphy and they also showed us Tai Chi, which is a Chinese martial art. It was awesome! We played some games with them, including Zap, the Grandma game and also a game where we had to make shapes with our bodies.  It was great fun and this was a good way to communicate with each other, especially as we speak different languages.  We learned together how to do African drumming and we shared a Drama lesson.  Finally, we gave each other some gifts and said goodbye.’  (Eric, Alicia, Alice and Boaz)



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