Duke Of Edinburgh Award Bronze Practice Expedition March 2018

The Bronze DofE group completed their practice expedition in the Suffolk countryside over the weekend. The weather was grey, rain was forecast but the group arrived at Brettenham on Saturday morning ready and eager to walk.  The Bronze DofE group worked in two teams during the weekend, each following the route they had planned, carrying all the personal and group equipment for their team.  One of the aims of the DofE award is for the participants to experience a challenging evnvironment where they have to be self sufficient.  Both teams successfully completed their walks of around 15km on Saturday arriving very tired at the campsite around 5pm.  There was no stopping at this point for the teams however as they needed to pitch their tents and cook their dinner!  The clock change overnight meant that the teams had less sleep than they would have liked, however one group walked out of camp at 9:10am with the second team following not much later at 9:30am.  On leaving the campsite the teams faced a further 16km of walk.  It is the second day where DofE participants feel the struggle more, they are tired and ache from the previous day and have to find the motivation to continue and finish the walk.  As expected the two teams did find the day tough with the pace dropping at the start and morale being low at times.  However, the perseverance and teamwork of the group saw both teams successfully completing their expedition.  Here are some comments from the students taking part:

D of E was a fun and challenging experience.  It was extremely tiring but overall it wasn’t so bad.  Our Group faced challenges, but persevered strongly together.”

“It was a new experience and I’m glad that I did it.  It was exhausting and painful but was worth it.”

“The practice expedition was good.  Camp was fun, although my feet really hurt and so did my shoulders.  The walk was horrible and definitely not fun, although the end felt very good to achieve.”

Well done to Ari, Emma, Lucas, Enrico, Charlie, Kosuke, Iona, Sarah and Aqida on resilience, determination, perseverance and teamwork throughout the weekend.  I am now looking forward to the qualifying expedition on 12th and 13th May!

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