English as an Additional Language

CIS is committed to helping students whose first language is not English, to enable them to make the most of their time at school, both inside and outside the classroom. Our English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme allows students to rigorously acquire the skills they require to communicate effectively in English.


The aim of these lessons is for students to develop their reading, writing, listening, speaking and study skills to levels which enable them to communicate more confidently, participate fully in class and succeed within the mainstream curriculum. Support is also given for homework and class assessments across the different subject areas (specifically for history, science and geography – the most language-based subjects) along with assistance in preparation for tests and examinations.


Students are grouped according to their age and language ability and normally have two to three EAL lessons per week, often in small groups if appropriate. Care is taken to ensure that they do not miss out on core subjects and parents are kept informed of progress throughout the year.


We are always hugely impressed with the outstanding improvement our children make in a short time.