Hey Ewe!

On Monday, the Infants finally got the opportunity to perform their Nativity show, ‘Hey Ewe’.  They were supported by the choir, which contained all of the Junior school children.  Hence, the show involved all of the Primary School children and was performed at The Temple in front of a full house of family and friends.

Everyone has been practising it for many weeks, but no matter the success of previous productions, hearts are always a little in mouths before the show begins! Will the children remember their lines? Will everyone have the right costume? Will they all remember to sing nice and clearly?

Needless to say, we need not have worried. The children were magnificent and performed beautifully. They have really enjoyed the process of rehearsing and getting ready for the production, and this was a chance to show you all of their hard work. We hope you enjoyed the results as much as we did!

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