In the Science Lab this week

Year 7 Biology & Year 10 Chemistry

The Year 7 class are studying the differences between animal and plant cells and understanding the functions of the different organelles.

This is an easy and fun activity that allows the students to correctly prepare a slide for a microscope and to learn about the cell structure. Having observed the onion cell under the microscope, students learn the differences between animal and plant cells and, in addition, learn how to draw biological drawings accurately.

The students then measured their image size and the magnification of the microscope to calculate the actual length of one onion cell. Some were able to convert their answers into micrometres (µm).

The Year 10 students were learning about crystallisation as a way to separate a solid from its solution.  They made up the most saturated solution of copper sulfate they could, then left the deep blue solutions to cool slowly.  The challenge was to create the biggest crystals.

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