Language Global Challenge Success

CIS is thrilled at its student’s success in the recent Vocal Express “Global challenge” competition.  More than 300 schools around the globe took part in the competition that started on Wednesday 7th March and lasted 6 days. We competed in the “Genius cup”, which adds up the points of the top 25 students of each school independently of the amount of students of the school, and in the “Piccolo Cup” which is for schools up to 150 students and any point from anyone counts.

The Modern Foreign Language Department use Vocab Express to help support students in their language learning.  It is an online vocabulary learning application that was designed and developed in conjunction with a number of secondary MFL departments.  By integrating text, images and audio, Vocab Express provides an engaging environment in which students can build their vocabulary whilst their progress is being monitored and tracked by their teachers.

Students spent countless hours completing different blocks on different languages and managed to achieve incredible results:
– Winner in Spanish “Genius Cup” with of 350,800 points.
– Winner in Spanish “Piccolo Cup” with 376,885 points.
– Winner in Japanese “Genius Cup” with 87,645 points.
– Second overall (all languages) in the “Genius Cup” with 650,475 points.
– Second overall (all languages) in the “Piccolo Cup” with the impressive amount of 700,965 points.
– Second in Italian “Genius Cup” with 84,530 points.
– Second in Portuguese “Genius Cup” with 26,110 points.
– Fourth in Mandarin “Genius Cup” with 13,850 points.
– Fourth in Hebrew “Genius Cup” with 3,205 points.

All students from Y3 to Y11 helped CIS to achieve this fantastic results with their points. Special mention to the top five CIS students who all managed to achieve more that 50,000 points! This means more than 20 hours of language practice using Vocabexpress in only 6 days.

The top CIS students are:
– Enrico with 112,890 points (1st in Italian and 5th overall in the world scoreboard).
– Kanta with 108,280 (2nd in Spanish and 6th overall in the world scoreboard).
– Aqida with 68,620 (3rd in Spanish and 14th overall in the world scoreboard).
– Sarah M with 58,255 (1st in Japanese and 21st overall in the world scoreboard).
– Iona with 57,760 (1st in Portuguese and 22nd in the world scoreboard).
– Great work for Emma who managed to do exactly the same amount of points in both Spanish and French with 20,090 points in each language!

Enrico explains that he found the motivation to achieve so many points from his love of learning different languages.  He enjoys finding the connections between different languages, especially Latin, Spanish and Italian.  Working in Vocab Express, he thinks that it is easier to match English and Latin words together than with Spanish and Italian, as these often have several words for one meaning.  So, understanding the context is another important part of the learning.

Thank you to everyone for their massive effort during these 6 intense days of competition! We are looking forward to keeping our impressive performance in 2019’s competition!

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