Memorial Day for Chef Will

On the 2nd of October, the CIS community spent some time reflectlecting and remembering Will Gillespie, our beloved chef, who died very suddenly this past summer. Will was an amazing chef, caring person, and a natural poet. He had a love for life and truly represented the best of CIS in the way he valued people and sought to broaden our student’s horizons by the food he prepared and the way he prepared it. During the service, the students planted a William Pear tree in his honour and installed a plaque just in front of it.

At Will’s funeral, a story was shared about when Will was asked once what the meaning of life was, he immediately replied without hesitation ‘building meaningful relationships with other people’.  And that is what we are trying to do here at CIS, learning how to live together as a society.  Will understood that at a very deep level.  One of Will’s trademarks was that he would often give big bear hugs to people.  So, at the end our service we asked that in Will’s honor, everyone give each other a big bear hug and remember that sometimes life is shorter than we expect.  None of us know which will be our last breath.  

“Students, whenever you walk past this tree every day, remember to live each day as it comes, don’t waste them, give thanks for the friends and family you have.  Remember the legacy that Will has left behind.  He made the world a better place and we are all richer for knowing him.”

Joel Dixon, Headteacher

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