Mission & Values

Cambridge International School – A diverse and enriching educational experience

Mission Statement

CIS is a highly successful international school, which educates children from around the world.  Children thrive at CIS, through excellent learning, teaching and pastoral care.  We believe that students flourish and succeed as a result of our progressive and stimulating education.


The school values:

The diversity created by children and staff from the Cambridge area and around the globe leading to the international mindedness of the school community.

Providing pupils with a love of learning that will remain a focus and motivation throughout their lives.

The natural curiosity and creativity of children, offering them a nurturing and challenging environment in which they can learn and flourish.

Children who reach their academic potential through their own efforts and outstanding teaching.

Children developing a confidence in their own abilities and recognising the perspectives, talents, experiences and cultures of all people.

Children’s wellbeing and the development of happy, well-rounded children