More Able Students

All children have personal qualities, special talents and capabilities, which parents and teachers seek to identify, nurture and develop. An individual’s gift or talent may be displayed within the regular curriculum, in a particular area of study, or it may cover a broader aspect of ability, such as leadership or creativity.


We consider it important to differentiate the work that is provided for students, in order to challenge them in lessons, whatever their level of ability. The organisation of lessons allows for class teaching that meets individual needs and provides for differentiated group and independent work. Within lessons, able students are given direct teaching and opportunities to work with their peers. Lessons involving particularly able pupils are based on the principle of inclusive whole class and group teaching.


The school aims to ensure that there are enrichment opportunities that can stretch the more able or the gifted in the school, but at the same time we consider that the provision of activities which are exclusive rather than inclusive to be contrary to the aims and ethos of the school.  Thus, although we may direct or encourage certain individuals to engage in specific enrichment activities, we do not exclude others who, whatever their level of ability, express an interest in extending their skills, knowledge or talents in any field of endeavour.