Mother Tongue Teaching at CIS

We have had a wonderful, very active year, teaching twelve non-English mother tongue languages across both schools, to about 40 students.

Here are just some of the topics MT children at Cherry Hinton Hall are learning about this week:

Year 1 and 2
In Spanish,they have enjoyed reading and questioning the stories ‘El viento y la Luna’ and ‘La Señora Luna’, and learning about words with similar and with opposite meaning. In Danish, children have chosen an easy reading book about animals in the woods and elsewhere in nature, and they work with small spelling assignments about animals. In Norwegian, Year 1 and 2 have been studying the letters/sounds h and hv-, and learning about the topic ‘farm yard’. In German, children are doing research on their chosen animal, ‘dolphins’, and preparing a presentation.

Year 3 and 4
In Italian, children are learning how to tell the time in Italian, and they are making their own clock. In Mandarin, the children are reading a story about a little snail from their textbook, and in German, they are reading an excerpt from the famous children’s book “Jim Knopf (Jim Button)”, where Jim and Lukas meet Mr Tur Tur, the illusory giant.

Year 5 and 6
In Mandarin, students are learning about Gun-Yu mythology, also known as ‘The Great Flood of Gun-Yu’.  In Japanese, students are practising Kanji (Chinese characters) as well as reading comprehension. In German, children have chosen ‘Michelangelo’ as a topic of interest and are preparing a powerpoint presentation about it.

Thank you to all our friendly and committed Mother Tongue teachers, all native speakers, who come in twice every week to teach the children.

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