NSPCC Number Day 2020

Following on from the success of last year, CIS enjoyed Number Day 2020 raising money for NSPCC. 

Students took part in their houses to ‘Get into Shape’ where they had to work as a team to create the shape , both 2-D and 3D, that Mrs Waite asked for, using all their skills acquired in Drama-classes, especially Drama Workshop. Then followed a carousel of activities, team-challenge Relay on the Astro, Mental maths with dominoes, and a Block Buster quiz.

Our grateful thanks go to the students and families who provided excellent bake sale items and financially supported the voting for ‘Dress-up in Digits’. First prize went to Rafa in Year 7 who made his own interactive digit display pendent, using his programming skills. All this helped raise just over £100;  the sum to fund a phone line to NSPCC for almost a year. Thank you!

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