Outdoor Adventure trip for Years 7 to 9

Wow, what a week away.  The weather couldn’t have been better for having an outdoor adventure in Malham.  Not a cloud to be seen, perfectly blue skies, and heat.  The long journey to Malham was worth it as entering the rugged rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales the landscape was perfectly displayed, so opposite to the Cambridge we are all used to.

Upon arrival at the Youth Hostel in Malham there was no time to stop for the pupils.  They were straight into team building tasks with our team of instructors.  Two groups were formed, rising pupils from Year 7, 8 & 9.  These groups stayed the same all week and the friendships formed and support given was outstanding.

The pupils worked hard all week, with no reprieve in the evenings!!  Day time activities of climbing, weiseling, canoeing, caving and a dry gorge walk were met by all and achieved by all. There were tough times, rough times but the support and success of the group was second to none.  The cheers that went up when each pupil completed a tough climb were wonderful to hear.  The laughter from playing games on the water in canoes and of falling in.

Evening activities of walks each night local to the Youth Hostel took in the sights of Malham Cove, Janets Foss and Gardale Scar.  Many pupils loved learning about the formation of the landscape and how it had inspired authors such as J R Tolkein when writing Lord of the Rings, and locations of films such as the Harry Potter series.

The pupils themselves made the week so enjoyable, not only for their attitude towards challenge but their support and friendship amongst the whole group.  They made the experience what it was, and it is with thanks to them that as staff we enjoyed ourselves too. (Mrs R McAlinden)

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