‘PARENTs’ career’ talks

Continuing our assembly theme on parents’ careers, on Wednesday, CIS welcomed the mother of Yektaa (Year 8), Mrs Shahla Bakhtiari, to talk to students about her successful career as a midwife.  Mrs Bakhtiari works as a specialist midwife at Cambridge University Hospital, known to many of us as ‘The Rosie’.

Mrs Bakhtiari explained how she studied for her Bachelor’s degree in midwifery at university in Iran and then worked as a midwife in the health sector.  She progressed to a Master’s degree here in the UK and became a specialist midwife.

As a specialist, Mrs Bakhtiari started to teach and help other health workers in midwifery, and now runs a special clinic.  But her career doesn’t stop there.  She is travelling progressively more often overseas to teach her skills to midwives, doctors, hospitals, universities, midwifery associations and independent centres run by midwives.

Mrs Bakhtiari is very happy with her career choice and would encourage our students, both male and female, to consider this career.

Many thanks go to Yektaa’s mum for spending time at CIS and for giving such an inspiring talk about her career.

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