Residential Trip to Lulworth

Monday 24th June, 13 pupils from CIS set off on the journey to Lulworth in Dorset.  Upon arrival the group was met by two of the instructors from the Lulworth Ranger team who would work with us for the week.  After training in bushcraft and problem solving activities, the pupils were split into teams and had to light their own fire.  The following problem solving challenges forced the group to work together and challenge their communication.  The improvements made between the first and second challenge was clear to see with an organised approach to the second task.  This was a great start to the week and allowed the pupils to work with each other in different ways.

Monday evening was filled with a trip down to Lulworth Cove, a beautiful natural cove on the south coast of England.  Lulworth lies along the Jurassic coast and is well known for dinosaur finds.  On Tuesday, the adventure began in earnest, with a Kayak trip from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door.  Working in pairs the pupils completed various challenges including swapping seats within their boats!  Once out of Lulworth Cove the group headed towards Durdle Door, over a 1 mile coastal journey.  On the way there was plenty to see, caves and arches to paddle through at Stair Hole and lunch at Man O’War Beach.  For those who wanted after lunch the paddle continued round the corner and through Durdle Door, a spectacular natural arch.  A tough days paddle but great fun had by all.

The evening saw the weather brighten and the sun come out and was perfect for a walk along the coastal path, starting at Durdle Door.

Wednesday started with another sea based activity – coasteering.  Once again the pupils wrestled themselves into thick wetsuits and walked down into the water at Lulworth Cove.  After getting used to being in the water the journey out of the cove and onto the coastline began.  A number of challenges followed, scrambling over rocks, traversing along the cliffs and possibly the most enjoyed – jumping into the sea!  The final destination was stair cove with the group entering by swimming through a short tunnel.  Many of the pupils really pushed themselves out of their comfort zone, challenging their own fears.  Particular mention to Andrea and Victoria who both achieved so much!

After regrouping back at the Youth Hostel the group met again for an afternoon of Orienteering.  The pupils were challenged by map reading, compass skills and observation.  Three teams were successful in finding all the markers with Jamie, Alice and India the winning team overall.

Wednesday evening we headed towards Swanage to the village of Worth Matravers – our destination – dinosaur footprints.  An amazing small square on rock where dinosaur prints made by soropods are clearly visible.  The pupils were amazed by what they saw and spent the evening jumping around the prints and playing ‘Simon Says’.

With the week going by quickly Thursday arrived, sun shining and a nice breeze taking the edge off the heat.  A full day of mountain biking was ahead, the start and end location was at Norden, with the route heading out to the coast at Old Harry Rocks.  The day was tough and really challenged the pupils riding skills.  A few tumbles into prickly gorse, brushes with Bracken and sideways on sand but the pupils pushed through with just a few scratches and bruises to show.  The total journey was around 18 miles of cycling and a big well done to all!

Friday morning arrived far too quickly, the cars were packed and pupils loaded, however the journey home did not start straight away.  We could not leave Dorset without visiting Corfe Castle.  The ancient ruined castle sits high on a mound with fantastic views all around.  It was the perfect location to finish the week and share some final memories with the pupils.

It was such an enjoyable week, the location was great but it was the pupils who made the trip.  As always their behaviour was impeccable and were a credit to the school.  It was an honour to take them away and a real pleasure to spend such an enjoyable week with them.  Thank you to all the pupils on the trip.

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