Science Day

Science Day at CIS this year was based around the theme of climate science and what we can do to protect our environment. We started the day with a presentation from climate scientist,  Tom Yiangou, about the science of climate change and what individuals can do to reduce its effects. There was also a presentation from Mrs Hobbs about how she is reducing her carbon footprint by using the ferry and her electric bicycle to get to Holland this year, instead of flying.
During the rest of the morning, students participated in workshops about ethanol rockets, the greenhouse effect, insects as food, and how to avoid single use plastics. In the afternoon, they made reusable cloth bags and also made a green alternative to cling film. The students worked very well together, asked lots of great questions and thoroughly enjoyed their day. They also learned a lot about this highly relevant and important topic. Congratulations to House Odysseus for scoring the most points for participation, teamwork and scientific thinking over the day!
Thank you to all staff, students and visitors for their enthusiastic participation. Have a great summer! (Mr Baldwin)

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