Sing that verb!

This week, Year 9 students are focusing on learning how to talk in the Past Tense in Spanish.

First, they learned lots of new vocabulary, then began the activities, learning how to conjugate regular verbs. But what about irregular verbs – the ones that don’t have any grammatical structure to relate to? These need to be learned individually by heart. Music helped with that! With the aid of the catchy tune to the famous song ‘La Cucaracha’, they soon began to associate the irregular verbs with the rhythm and repetitive melody of the song. Have a go yourself!

“Tener es Tuve, estar Estuve,
Ir es Fui y también Ser,
Poner es Puse, Poder es Pude,
Trajer es para Traer.

Habe Hube, Hacer Hice,
Saber Supe, Querer Quise,
Venir Vine, Decir Dije,
Ver Vi, Dar Di, …No acentos!”

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