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Sports Round-up

Football: Unfortunately, a fixture which was scheduled for Tuesday the 26th March had to be cancelled, but instead of missing out on the experience of playing competitive games, students from Years 10 and 11 came together for a tournament.  All pupils in both year groups were placed into one of three teams.  On Tuesday, these teams played a round robin football tournament, ensuring that each team played both the other two teams.  The matches were all very close and the scores have been recorded.  The tournament will then continue next week when the same three teams will face each other on the netball court.  The scores from the two sports will then be added together and the winner decided.  During the football is was great to see all pupils giving it their best and enjoying the competition.  I am looking forward to next weeks netball!

Football v Gosfield School: On Thursday, the Year 8s and 9s played a successful football match with the score 2-1. CIS players started off strong, with Sithu scoring within the first 10 minutes and the team getting lots of chances. However, Gosfield players managed to come back 1-1 in the first half. In the second half, CIS players showed strong resilience and brought the score line back to 2-1 with a screamer from Eiel. Although we were tired, we persevered with our defence playing incredibly, ensuring Gosfield players were off the ball. By the end of it, there were smiles all around and new friends were made.

Netball v Gosfield School: At the same time as the football was taking place, the remaining Year 8s and 9s played a netball match.  The first quarter was a real struggle for the team, ending 8-0 down.  However, after some encouragement, the team found their determination and began getting the ball down to the shooters and 3 goals were scored.  This continued through the final two quarters with a total of 11 goals being scored by the CIS team.  There were passages of play by the attacking players that showed real flair and game awareness.  The final score was 22-11 to Gosfield.  The players must all be congratulated for their determination and improvement throughout the match.

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