CIS greets the green as March approaches.

Mrs Jordan took budding Y8 journalists on an investigative walk around school to report on Spring at CIS. Here’s the article they came up with on their return to the newsroom…

Take a walk through CIS and you will feel the softness of the Spring air. Your eyes are captured by a speck of gold light as the first daffodils wake from their Winter sleep. The once-frozen pond now glistens in the sunlight and the emerald leaves sway in the February breeze.

As you move further into the school grounds, and wind your way along the path, snow-white blossoms welcome you. Beneath the trees, a halo of tiny snowdrops blankets the ground making a carpet of white.

The air is abuzz with insects. Inside, almost out of nowhere, ladybirds wake up and quite literally crawl out of the woodwork.

Mrs Fernandez, our friendly school receptionist, will tell you “It’s lovely, watching the daffodils dancing in the breeze.”

CIS: a blooming beautiful place to be in Spring.

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