Student Council

The Student Council is a way for pupils to make their point heard and make the school a better community. Each year group has two representatives who are elected democratically by the class.  They then collect any requests from their classes to bring them to a weekly meeting. At the meetings, we discuss practicalities and implementation of requests.  We all have an input and express our class’ views and thoughts. After the meeting, each representative will tell their classes what has been discussed and any results of requests raised. We also will organise and coordinate numerous fundraising events such as Children in Need and Comic Relief, or put on our own events including a talent show, serving Christmas tea to OAP’s in our local village, and staff v student sports competitions.  Overall, we see our role as contributing to the sense of community and increasing the overall school spirit throughout the year.


Contributed by:


James (Head Boy)

Evie (Head Girl)