Swedish Visitors

This week, our friends from the Fokusskolan school in Nyköping, Sweden came to spend the day at CIS for the 5th year in a row. We have developed a long-standing friendship with this school and thoroughly enjoy exchanging cultures with them. The day started with a few fun games to break the ice and learn each others’ names. Then Mrs Waite put them in groups for some drama games that made the two schools work together creatively. After that the students all headed over to the Engineering room to build the tallest and strongest tower out of nothing but paper and sticky tape. Each item had a cost which forced the groups to once again think creatively and plan carefully how they would use their resources. The CIS students then enjoyed some presentations from the Swedish school, learning about the culture, traditions, and food typical of Sweden and getting to try some Swedish candy. The last activity of the morning was a music session where students had to listen carefully, work as team, and learn how to use different instruments to produce a rhythm that complimented the other groups.

After lunch, the two schools engaged in the classic football match of Sweden vs CIS (the world), and enjoyed the lovely sunshine and warm weather. They then broke into mixed teams and played a few games of rounders to finish things off. All in all, a great experience for both schools to have as both groups learned from each other and had a great time. The pupils were all tired at the end of the day after all they had done, but were eager to exchange contact details and keep in touch. The Year 8s had actually been writing to the Swedish students over the course of this term, so were glad to have finally met their penpals in person.

Thanks for coming Fokusskolan! See you again next year!

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