Taskmaster at cis

This week, our first ever inter-house Taskmaster competition began in earnest, with several pupils receiving the trademark Taskmaster letters. These give instructions for tasks to be completed in order to score points for the recipient’s house, Odysseus, Achilles and Athena.

So far, pupils have competed to make the most effective paper aeroplane, been instructed to write and perform the best song about CIS, and have completed a special World Book Day challenge. The competition will run throughout the month of March and include both team and solo tasks in a range of disciplines. Mr Salt is our resident Taskmaster, with Mrs Jordan as the Taskmaster’s Assistant, responsible for setting the challenges.

We hope that this activity will help to cement friendships and the ability to work as a team, as well as exercising pupils’ problem-solving skills. Importantly, it is meant to be fun! We are already seeing the excitement the arrival of the Taskmaster’s letters is generating. Who will be our next lucky recipients?

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