Transport Topic Trip

On Friday 26th January, Coral and Caribbean Classes (Years 1 & 2) visited the Shuttleworth Collection as part of their topic on Transport. The children loved the visit and learned a great deal during their time there.

While there they had the opportunity to look at different methods of transport from the era just before cars, and had to use detective skills to see if they could differentiate different types of carriage. After a brief but fascinating look at some of the earliest planes in flight history, the children then sat under the wing of a racing plane and recreated the story of the early Britain to Australia air races by finding photographs of different landscapes taken from the air, as Matthew, our guide for the day, told the story. It was a fascinating session for the children and the adults!

The children also had a chance to dress up in different kinds of helmets, learning    about how they evolved as planes flew higher and faster.

The museum has a fine collection of old cars and bicycles, including versions of a real Penny Farthing, which the children enjoyed exploring. The day ended with a tour on an old ‘charabus’  from the early part of the last century. No rubber on the wheels made for a very bumpy trip!


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