‘Treasure’ Topic Trip to Sutton Hoo

On Wednesday, Arafura and Aegean went to Sutton Hoo, an Anglo-Saxon royal burial site.  It is said to be one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time.

Despite the wild, wet and windy weather, Arafura and Aegean were superb archaeologists, listening carefully to stories and facts given, and completing the artefact finding task quickly and efficiently.  They remained enthusiastic despite the conditions, and proved how much they had already learnt about the Anglo Saxons by intelligently answering questions asked.

The visit allowed the children to come face to face with their Anglo-Saxon ancestors and explore the fascinating exhibitions; the full-size reconstruction of the burial chamber, stunning replica treasures and original finds from one of the mounds, including a prince’s sword.

Here is some reaction from the Children;
Louis – “This is the first Anglo Saxon museum that I have been in with swords and arrows.”

Lorenzo – “I liked being an archaeologist when you look for and find treasure.”

Eva – “I liked the sand bodies.”

Bernard – I enjoyed the treasury – I just liked how amazing and shiny everything was.  You could see what everything would’ve looked like.

Also, yesterday we received a lovely e-mail from Sutton Hoo who wanted to let us know they had some really lovely comments from staff, volunteers and visitors about how well behaved and knowledgeable the children were.


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