Valentine Special!

Dear when you smiled at me, I heard a melody
It haunted me from the start
Something inside of me started a symphony
Zing! Went the strings of my heart

Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart lyrics ©
Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

This week in the Biology department, coinciding appropriately with fast approaching Valentine’s Day, Year 10 students put their surgical skills to test by dissecting a heart.

The heart consists of two pumps lying side by side. The right side of the heart is one pump and the left side of the heart is another pump. It consists almost entirely of cardiac muscle tissue. Students were able to see the valve tendons that operate the valves at the atria and ventricles and identified the aorta artery and the vena cava vein.

The experience of dissecting real animal hearts adds an extra dimension to understanding the structure of the heart and the relationship of structure to function. The texture and thickness of vessels and chamber walls, along with the movement of the different kind of valves is an amazing learning experience for the class.  (J Yiangou)

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