Volunteer at Refugee Camp

Students hear eye-witness report about refugee camp in Greece

This week, in Assembly, students listened attentively to our German Mother-Tongue teacher, Mrs Birgit Federle, speaking about her recent trip to a refugee camp in northern Greece, where she worked as a volunteer for a couple of weeks. Mrs Federle began by putting the current refugee crisis in Europe into perspective by way of a short quiz. Students learned about the geographical flow of migration, before hearing about the specific details of the Katsikas Refugee Camp, which is located near Ioannina in northern Greece. Mrs Federle described the camp, the facilities, the type of families living there and the work of the volunteers.

So why did Mrs Federle spend her school holidays working hard as a volunteer in a refugee camp? Having heard about the British charity Refugee Support, she wanted to find out for herself about the vital work they do. She wanted to see what life means for people who inhabit the camp, and so offered two weeks of her time through their volunteering programme. She says “Their aim is ‘Help with Dignity’, which means they try to support refugees by providing some normality in their difficult transition time”. While there, Mrs Federle helped in the free shop, which ran on a token system, and met many families and children who live their lives in the camp. She said “The families want a safe and happy future for themselves and their children, many hoping to move on and settle in Europe, or return to their homes. Overall, the struggle is the waiting game, and dealing with the uncertainty of the future.”

If you wish to find out more about the charity or help with fundraising, please use the link https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/BirgitFederle .

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