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Art and Media trip to The Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising

Last Friday Year 10 Art and Media students spent a day at the fantastic Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising in London.  As part of the Year 10 IGCSE work, they are working on a graphic communication project.  The trip was to research how important branding and product design is in every day items.  In the Brand Challenge Workshop, students had to study the history of a product (eg Marmite), from its very first edition to its present day design, and then sketch out their idea for the next new edition.  They now have lots of information and primary source research on the evolution of typography and style through the decades to help them develop their own product branding.  Here are some of the comments from students:

“We had the opportunity to see the evolution of everyday objects through the decades.” – Chiara

“We saw how brand style changes over time.” – Nicole

“Seeing real objects rather than pictures of them made a difference.” – Oliver

“Seeing the stages in style development placed side by side made understanding them better.” – Daniel

“I really enjoyed the ‘time tunnel’. It was unexpectedly good!” – Ari

“It was great to see history reflected in everyday objects.” – Leon

“The activity workshop made me more aware of what goes into making a brand style.” – Oscar

“I enjoyed everything.” – Min

“I liked seeing all the different products next to each other.” – Lijie

Of course we all enjoyed having a good look round the gift shop too!

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