Year 7 and 8 field Trip to Cambridge

First stop – the fitzwilliam

As part of their themed project on food and drink, the pupils enjoyed visiting the Feast Fast exhibition at the Fitzwilliam. They saw a range of artists who depict food as a theme in their art, as well as observing treasures such as Dutch pie knives and a European feasting table, and learning more about the origins of food and it’s relationship with animals and nature.

Second stop – the Institute of astronomy

How many people in the world can say that they have been to a lecture  at Cambridge University, sat in the theatre and taken part?

Year 7/8 Sargasso can say for sure they have. We were privileged to augment the learning of our Science unit  ‘The Earth and Beyond’ by listening to a dedicated lecture from Dr Matt Bothwell on how planets in other solar systems are being discovered by Scientists at Cambridge University at the Institute of Astronomy; using tiny variations in brightness of stars and the ‘wobble method’, which shows tiny movements due to the effect gravity of the surrounding planets.

The visit finished with seeing the Northumberland telescope, the best in the world when it was made in 1837 and is still used today. In the same room,  there is a changing digital display which provided clear evidence that, as we stood, we were moving through space!

The students are to be congratulated on their contributions, and in particular, the level of questioning.

A very big ‘Thank You’ goes to Dr Bothwell, from the Institute of Astronomy, for his time and expertise.

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